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Photos, Videos and Documents About Shia Muslims

Shia Muslims

Here I want to introduce the pure beliefs of Shia Muslims, the second largest branch of Islam which we believe it is the correct interpretation of Islam. Shia take its religion from the Prophet Muhammad and his Ahle-Beyt which are 12 Imams: Ali, Hassan, Hussein and 9 descendants of Imam Hussain.
The last Imam, Mahdi(AS) is still alive, but hidden. We expect him to be appeared in the near future Insha-Allah

۳ مطلب با کلمه‌ی کلیدی «Sunnah» ثبت شده است

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Which religion is right - Shia or Sunni?

There are a lot of books to answer this question, among them are Alghadir, Almurajiat and Nights of Peshawar. However there are several simple proofs for Shia which every Muslim without prejudice will accept them.
بخشی از حدیث غدیر - ولایت امیرالمومنین

Five simple questions from Sunni brothers

There is a common narration from Sunni and Shia sources that says: everyone who dies and he does not know the Imam of his time, dies the death of ignorance. 
Question #1: Did Fatima (SA), know Imam of his time or not? If she did not, she is died in ignorance, NauzoBillah, and if she did, her Imam was Ali (as) not Abubakr. So Fatima was Shia

Sunni brothers say that the leader must be chosen by a council and shia say that the prophet appointed and mentioned all 12 Imams.
Question #2: Which council appointed the second caliph? Second caliph was appointed by Abubakr not a council! while Aboobakr was appointed by council of 13 people

There is a reliable Hadith from Shia and Sunni sources that says: Caliphs after the prophet (pbuh) are 12 (Twelve successors Hadith). 
Question #3: What are your 12 Imams? Count them and you can not find twelve Imams in Sunni Muslims while shia have exactly twelve Imams

Sunni Muslims, take their religion from four Imams: Imam Malik, Imam Shafi’i, Abu-Hanifeh and Ahmad-ibn-Hanbal. 
Question #4: These four imams you have, lived in what century? And what is their relation with the Caliphs? The Shia Imams are their Caliphs as well. But you have four caliphs and four imams who lived almost 100 years after Khulafa.

Shia Muslims have thousands of prayers and Monajats from their twelve Imams available in several books like Mafatih Aljanan, Sahife Sajjadiey, Almoraqibat, etc. 
Question #5: How many prayers, hymns or praise of the Lord you have quoted from your first three Caliphs or your 4 Imams? Count them and you will find nothing countable.

Now decide, Shia are wrong or Sunni? Unfortunately some extremist Muslims like ISIS say that shia are Kafir! and killing them has the reward of paradise! while grand Sunni scholars like Sheikh Shaltoot have confirmed Shiite as a true Islamic religion.
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We have said many times that today's denominational discord among Muslims is a weapon and a trump card in the hands of our enemies. This is completely clear to those people who are well-informed about global developments. Such denominational discord is a sword in the hands of our enemies. Publicizing differences, expressing them in an outspoken way and speaking about issues which fuel fitna is one of the means which our enemy makes maximum use of.
Now if we act in a way that the enemy's goal is achieved, this is changing #Allah's favor for ungratefulness. In religious ceremonies, denominational discourse should not be highlighted. How many times should this be repeated? We have said this many times, but some people do not want to listen.
What do you do if you want to guide those people who do not believe in your denomination and your true beliefs? Do you begin to curse and speak ill of their sacred beliefs? This will make them completely drift away from you and it will destroy all hopes of guiding them. The way to guide them is not this.
Well, we are proud that we are Alavi Shias. We are proud that we have gained understanding about the position of Wilayat. Our magnanimous Imam Khomeini (r.a.) carried the flag of the Commander of the Faithful's (a.s.) Wilayat and this became a means for the world of Islam - whether Shia or non-Shia Islam - to feel proud of Islam.
Now, should we do something to turn this feeling of pride and the interest of the world of Islam in #Shia community and Shia honor into enmity, hostility and grudge? This is exactly what the enemy wants. We should not allow him to achieve his goal.
Ayatollah Khamenei, 20/04/2014
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Friendship between shia and sunni brothers
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Dear Shia brothers world wide, Please do not curse (لعن) Caliphs and Other Sahabis that are important among Sunni brothers. Our supreme leader, Imam Khamenei, prohibited this and you must know that: 


Some Takfiris, play recordings of your Majalis in their meetings and at the same time decapitate several Shia Muslims while its playing. So, please don't buy Jahannam for yourself. I heared this statement from an informed source...

We are all Muslims and must respect each others.

ترجمه فارسی:
شیعیان عزیز در سراسر جهان،لطفا خلفای اهل سنت و برخی اصحاب پیامبر را که در نزد اهل سنت محترمند، لعن نکنید. رهبر عزیزمان، آیت الله خامنه ای این امر را حرام کرده اند. خوب است بدانید که :
هر لعنی که شما در مجالس خصوصی و عمومی که ضبط می شود، انجام می دهید = سربریده شدن یک مسلمان شیعه در پاکستان، افغانستان و عراق و سوریه
برخی تکفیریها مثل سپاه صحابه پاکستان، نسخه ضبط شده مجالس برخی مداحان تندرو را در بین جمعیت تکفیریها پخش می کنند و در حین پخش سر شیعیان را می برند، آنقدر که پخش ویدیو تمام شود. دوستان عزیز، جهنم را برای خودتان نخرید. خداوند در قرآن فرموده حتی به بتها و خدایان جعلی کفار دشنام ندهید، چرا که آنها هم به خدا دشنام می دهند. حالا شما چگونه فحش دادن علنی به خلفای اهل سنت و جناب عایشه را حلال می کنید؟ بنده موضوع سپاه صحابه را از یک مسئول رده بالای کشوری شنیدم. لطفا به عقاید و سنتهای یکدیگر احترام بگذاریم و بدانیم که هیچ مسلمان سنی با لعن و نفرین، شیعه نمی شود. 

ایها الشیعة فی العالم، لا تلعنوا الخلفاء الراشدین و الصحابة النبی الذین هم محترمون عند اهل السنة. زعیمنا العزیز، آیة الله خامنئی، یحرّمون هذا الامر. هو الجید لنعرف أن:
لأی اللعن تقولون فی مجالسکم الخاصة والعامة  = الحصول على قطع رأس مسلم شیعی فی باکستان وأفغانستان والعراق وسوریا
یرجى احترام معتقدات کل المسلمین و نعرف أنه لا ینقلب مسلم سنی الی الشیعة، مع لعنة.
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